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Nursery Potting Mix 20 Litres

Nursery Potting Mix 20L
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Please note this potting mix can not be couriered around New Zealand as it is too heavy it is only available for free delivery within the Kapiti region.

We like to think that our horticultural industry is good for the environment and yes most of it is.

But what about those large single use plastic bags we get our potting mix in? Well we may have come up with a solution at Kapiti Nursery and Landscaping with a reusable and refundable 20L bucket. You can either bring the bucket back and swap them for a full one or cash the bucket in .

We have put together a high-end planting mix (its what we use at the nursery) which is great for potted plants or planting out in the garden.
We are currently testing the market and have them available at the nursery at 140 Otaihanga Road, Kapiti.

The mix comes in a 20L bucket with lid and costs $23.00 you can swap it for a full one for $13.00 or get a cash refund for the bucket of $10.00. The bucket needs to come back in good condition with lid and label intact to enable us to reuse them.